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A few suggestions0
posted 3 months ago

Hi everyone, I just recently joined and love the sleek and nice design of it, although, its missing a few features that would really give it the forums type of feel.


  • Able to follow a user.
  • Able to write on a users profile.
  • Able to PM a user.
  • Maybe a formatting bar up the top, so for those who don't know how to markdown, they can.
  • Limit the users to only ur forums, so we don't get a heap of people we don't know.
  • Access to add a custom page to go to open a link in a new window.
  • Able to set a signature.
  • Able to have sub-categories.

Sorry if the ideas are bad or stupid, just thought it would be cool to get these

+1 on all except: Able to write on a users profile.