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New Notifications Menu

We redesigned the notification menu and added more functionality. You can now dismiss each notification from the menu itself, along with clear all notifications with a single click.

August Development

It's been a while since the last development log. A lot of new features have been pushed out in the last three weeks. I'l try my best to fit them all into this post.


  1. Topic tags
  2. Reply to any level comments
  3. Role name color
  4. Improved navbar
  5. Improved topic listing
  6. Favorite communities and quick swapping
  7. Convert markdown to html server side for better performance and security.
  8. Added some extra pages to the homepage.
  9. Sort root comments by upvote count; nested comments are still sorted by time.
  10. Online user tracking with green glow around online users.


  1. Post hiding now works for non site owners
  2. Fix post server side rendering
  3. Fix images not being cropped in editor
  4. Fix login and register page loading and error messaging.
  5. Fix an issue that allowed users to upload profile images that were too large. Branding Update

I spent the past few days working on a redesign of the main homepage. I think the new site better captures the ideas I have in mind for the project.

This change also removes the free tier to If you have already made a site for free, congrats; your site will unlock all features and be free forever.

Avatar Uploading

You can now directly upload avatars to We were previously using gravatar, but it was a huge hassle to have to go to a completely different site and register for an account just to change your profile picture.

I also setup a new default profile picture that better fits the site.

Let me know if there are any issues with the new system.

📄 Emoji Menu

The Emoji menu is here 🎉

Heavily slack #️⃣ inspired, the Emoji ❤️ menu helps you find 🔍 the perfect emojis for your message ✉️. Just click the emoji icon in the bottom right of the input field to open it up!

Some emojis in the menu aren't supported on the forums quite yet. I'l be pushing out more updates soon that resolve the inconsistencies.

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